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Curricuplan: Curriculum Planning Online

Curricuplan is an easy to use, web based product for teachers and administrators to manage district curriculum online. Teachers log on to a secure site where their plans are available.

Curriculum Mapping

Curricuplan's mapping feature is a powerful tool that enables districts and schools to affect student achievement by transforming schools into high-performing learning communities. Curricuplan provides a comprehensive professional development tool for using data in instructional decision making, aligning curriculum, determining instruction, assessing with standards, and designing innovative and engaging classroom instruction. Learn More

Teacher Portfolio

Teachers create a password protected portfolio of unit and lesson plans organized by their status; draft, pending approval, and approved.

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Customized Templates

Templates are easy to use and can be customized by the district. Content is added in a single page template and includes fields for multiple authors, integrated state standards, assessment, resources, and technology.